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Longstock Garden Club are no longer a paid member of Tender Shoots

Anybody can view the Zoom talks by giving a donation

Welcome to our NEW Tender Shoots Garden Club Network website

Detailed information on all future Zoom talk. links etc Please email me

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Here you can view 7 previously shown Tender Shoot recordings

Tender Shoots is 11 Garden clubs that work together.



ALL TALKS START AT 7.30 unless time is given Break-out Chat rooms 7.15

There are two ways to join our meetings:

1) To join zoom directly, please click the link below (or enter the Meeting ID on the zoom start screen and enter the Passcode when prompted). It’s the same login for all meetings.

TO JOIN A ZOOM TALK Please email me if a new member

2) Or if you don’t use zoom you can also go to our YouTube page when the talk is about to start (at 7.30pm) as we simultaneously stream the meeting Live on YouTube.  To join just click this link  www.youtube.com/c/TenderShootsGardenClubNetwork   or search YouTube for the ‘Tender Shoots Garden Club Network’ and then click on our yellow logo.  The advantage of YouTube Live is you can start the talk from the beginning if you arrive late, you can pause, rewind & skip any bits & still ask questions to the speaker via YouTube chat box.  You can also watch it in comfort if you have a large smart TV via the YouTube TV app.

New to Zoom like to know more


Jan TBC – Andrew and Amy Skea from Potato House – all about potatoes and varieties

TBC 2023 – George Hargreaves – Notable Botanic Gardens of the UK

TBC 2023 – Chris Blackburn from Concept Research – Sonic Pest Repellers

March 20th 2023 – Peter Moore ‘Plant Breeding’

Now on Tendershoot Youtube page